Dynamic ups1700

Dynamic ups1700

You never know when something could interfere with the smooth running of your business. This could involve anything from a short power outage to a full blown disaster. Thankfully, with careful planning, you can put measures in place to protect your business equipment should something go wrong.

UPS, or uninterruptible power supplies, are essential to protect your business’s electronic equipment in the event of a power failure. Recently, a customer wanted to make sure their phone system would keep running during power cuts for up to an hour. Off the Hook Communications recommended the DYNAMIX 1700VA Line Interactive UPS, which fitted with their needs and budget. Their phone system and voice mail is now protected from power surges and spikes as well as power outages for up to an hour, by which time everything will hopefully have returned to normal.

Don’t get caught out by power outages. Talk to Off the Hook Communications about which UPS is best to protect your business’s phone system. We can sell and install a range of UPSes, from Dynamix and Eaton to APC, and can help you select one that is suited to your needs and budget to ensure that, if the power goes down, your business’s phone system won’t.

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